Core Values

1. Inclusivity

Armstrong Commons is a celebrative and caring community. Our community values and supports the holistic well-being of our community and its members.


2. Integrity

Armstrong Commons is a just and disciplined community. Our community commits to respecting all of our members through authentic interactions. Our community exercises shared governance and uphold our commitments to each other and to the common good.

3. Inquiry

Armstrong Commons is a purposeful and open community. Our community enhances the academic mission of the University. Our community creates a space for our members to freely express themselves and explore challenging ideas.




Armstrongers are very proud of our cupola; it represents the spirit of competition and is a prevalent symbol of our strong community. If we win a basketball or football game, make sure you look up at the cupola, it might change color!


Our founders, Bill and Liz Armstrong (see more here) own a wine vineyard called Epoch Estate Wines.  Their vineyard, located in California, has ties throughout Armstrong decor and theming.


how strong?  Armstrong!

Our chant has been shouted out in stadiums, classrooms, and quads alike, showing our pride.  If you aren't flexing, you better get a move on!



Our colors represent the SMU spirit and some favorite colors of the Armstrong family.  Red symbolizes strength, passion, and love; gold symbolizes achievement, optimism, and triumph.  At the uppermost level, gold is associated with higher ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. Both red and gold inspire knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul. These colors embody our core values of inclusivity, integrity, and inquiry.  Our colors are also the same as Gryffindor, and this is no coincidence; we share the same level of bravery and unbridled passion for Armstrong and SMU.



  1. Cupola - reflects our goal to be 'second to none.'
  2. Five Lines - represent the five inaugural members of the RCLC (Residential Commons Leadership Corp) and are symbolic of vineyard rows, a nod to the Armstrongs.