Core Values

1. Inclusivity

Our Commons works together toward our common vision and goals.  We recognize the strength in utilizing the multiple talents and perspectives of each member of our Commons and the power of diversity to generate creative solutions and actions.  With a common purpose, we work collectively to move our vision into action.

Our Commons is about human relationships and how people can best work together. We leverage collaboration in the process of creation. When we collaborate, we are focused on how people value and relate to each other across differences in values, ideas, affiliations and identities.  Through collaboration we learn about ourselves and others in the process.


2. Integrity

Our Commons will act consistently with our values.  We believe that being clear about our values, beliefs, strengths, and limitations is a critically important part of our development.  Our Commons will be a place for personal growth, understanding of individual responsibility, and leadership opportunities.

Our Commons is committed to following through on our word which requires involvement and investment in ourselves and our Commons.  We recognize the significant and collective effort required to bring a vision into action. 

3. Inquiry

Our Commons will individually and collectively explore our talents, interests, aspirations, values, beliefs, identities, passions and dreams.  Through an awareness of ourselves, our Commons will practice mindfulness, the ability and the propensity to be an accurate observer of our current actions and state of mind.  When we are mindful, we are able to be aware of ourselves and our surroundings as well as open to new information and experiences. 

Our Commons will be a place where we are encouraged to share our thoughts and opinions even when we do not agree with each other. We believe conflict to be an inevitable part of a Commons through which our members will explore diverse perspectives.  We will engage in controversy with civility by committing ourselves to understand the nature of the disagreements and to seek a satisfactory solutions.

Armstrong Commons Class of 2022

Armstrong Commons Class of 2022




Armstrongers are very proud of our cupola; it represents the spirit of competition and is a prevalent symbol of our strong community. If we win a basketball or football game, make sure you look up at the cupola, it might change color!


Our founders, Bill and Liz Armstrong (see more here) own a wine vineyard called Epoch Estate Wines.  Their vineyard, located in California, has ties throughout Armstrong decor and theming.


how strong?  Armstrong!

Our chant has been shouted out in stadiums, classrooms, and quads alike, showing our pride.  If you aren't flexing, you better get a move on!



  1. Cupola - reflects our goal to be 'second to none.'

  2. Five Lines - represent the five inaugural members of the RCLC (Residential Commons Leadership Corp) and are symbolic of vineyard rows, a nod to the Armstrongs.

  3. Colors - the crest features our official colors, red and gold.