Programming and Traditions

Here's just a small sampling of the programs and activities that make Armstrong unique. But, there is simply not enough room on this website to describe all of our EPOCH events Armstrongers throws every year! Armstrong also does events like Harry Potter and Pancakes, Grill the Police, the Lantern Festival, monthly dinners and game nights, Armstronging, Initiation, Homecoming weekend, Survival of the flood, and more!! Keep a lookout for these events and more under the calendar tab.

If you are interested in being a part of the Leadership team, check out Commons Council and apply! Armstrong also loves funding new events, and these can be suggested by anyone!! Make sure you submit that idea in the suggestions box, located in the Armstrong lobby or on the resources tab.



You see, our neighbors across the way at Crum Commons, are kind of like our younger siblings.  Highlighting our values of integrity, inclusivity, and inquiry, we must use teamwork to defeat the Crumians each year.  We decide to settle our fights with thousands of water balloons after Coral Kick-Off each year.  And without a doubt, we won last year, and we know with your help that we will emerge victorious once again. Don't try to let any other commons tell you they have a better kick-off program than we do (it just isn't so!).   But, I guess it isn't so bad!  Some long-lasting friendships are formed from the ice cream social at the end of the battle.

café armstrong

At several points during the year, our resident barista Jacquie, along with several others, create a functioning Starbucks inside of the Armstrong lobby.  Highlighting our value of inclusivity, Jacquie will create one of your favorite beverages during times of high stress (usually around midterms and finals)!  We also sometimes bring the fun outdoors and include some of our Armstrong artists to share their talents while you sip on your latte or cappucino.  



In 2017, our second annual event Artstrong, took place in the Armstrong - Crum Quad!  Highlighting our core values of inclusivity and inquiry, it featured student organizations, including the all-male acapella group Southern Gentleman and the SMU country western dance team the Mustang Mavericks, a local calligrapher, amazing student art, and talented Armstrong residents displaying their crafts.  The event highlights underrepresented artists from across campus in a medium that encourages collaboration and creativity.



Our intramural players are second to none!  Highlighting our core values of inclusivity and integrity, our skilled Armstrong residents defeat the competition.  From outdoor soccer, to indoor and sand volleyball, we've won several leagues, all while sharing collaborative spirit with everyone we play with.  While we may be nice, don't be fooled - you'll need luck to beat us!



When we want to support our varsity sports teams, but also want to relax, what do we do?  We head out in our quad, grill some burgers and play some spike ball (or throw a frisbee)!    Highlighting our core value of inclusivity, our residents form their family in Armstrong.  Our faculty-in-residence, Dr. Rita Kirk, along with her partner John Phillips, and her dog Sir Emerson of Eaton (Emmy), love to join and often have some fun swag to give away.  




Sometimes, you just wish to celebrate some awesome movies on a Red Carpet like Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Hanks every year.  Well we've got you covered!  Celebrating our values of inclusivity and inquiry, our Oscar Party not only lets you dress up and walk the carpet, but encourages engaging discussion on the top picks of the year.