What's the first day really like?

Are you ready? You’d better be ready, because this is the first day of a new, exciting, Armstrong-filled part of your life. You’ve got a great week ahead of you with Mustang Corral, and here are some helpful bits of information to know before you come on move-in day:

From left to right:  Lauren Anne Cove  (Residential Community Director),  Shelby Hill  ('16-17 Commons Council President),  Dr. Rita Kirk  (Faculty-in-Residence)

From left to right: Lauren Anne Cove (Residential Community Director), Shelby Hill ('16-17 Commons Council President), Dr. Rita Kirk (Faculty-in-Residence)

When you arrive in August, if you have any trouble finding Armstrong, don’t hesitate to ask for help! You’ll know once you make it to Armstrong when you see the Cupola. Armstrong residents, along with other students from other commons, will take care of getting all of your stuff, your bags, and clothes to your room. When you walk inside, you’ll get to meet our Faculty-in-Residence (Dr. Rita Kirk), our Residential Community Director (Lauren Anne Cove), Peer Academic Leaders, RAs, the Commons Council President, and other Armstrong Students.  Once hands have been shaken, names exchanged, and room keys given, you’ll want to strike a pose for your first picture as an Armstronger!

Once all that’s done, we’ll take you up to your room where you can unpack your things and get to know your roommate. Take some time to settle in and check to see if you have everything you need. Even if you don’t, the RAs will be able to help you out in getting anything you’re missing. After a day of getting settled into your new room, Arnold (the dining hall) will prepare a Texas-style meal, (usually burgers and hot dogs) for you and your family. Enjoy it and spend some time with your parents. Don’t be afraid to sit with strangers because you’ll be meeting new people all week! After dinner, you’ll say goodbye to your parents. Remember that your parents are only a phone call away so don’t forget to call them now and again!

Later that night, we have our traditional water balloon fight with our arch enemies, Crum.  Last year, we had over 1,000 balloons that we pelted at Crum.  No need to officially announce it, but it has been obvious we have been winners in the balloon fight for the past two years. You’re about to have a whirlwind, busy week, and we promise that it’ll be worth it!  (Find out more here.)

Welcome to SMU. Welcome to Armstrong.