Useful Forms

  1. Student Affairs Forms (includes Stake Signs, Coke and Use of Grounds Request forms)

  2. Student Senate Funding Request Form (allocates a percentage of student fees to organizations and individuals each semester)

  3. Engaged Learning (biggest grant program on campus)

  4. Maintenance Request (if you need anything fixed in your room)

campus LInks

  1. 2019-20 Academic Calendar

  2. SMU ID Card Services (check meal & flex balance and report your ID as missing)

  3. Office of Information Technology (OIT) (internet and technology support - reset password, etc.)

Campus resources

  1. Housing Reapplication

  2. Orgs@SMU (a convenient database of all student organizations on campus)

  3. Counseling Services at the Health Center

  4. Office of the Chaplain and Religious Life

  5. Office of Student Affairs (Social Change & Intercultural Engagement, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Moms and Dads Clubs, Program Council, Student Foundation, and the Women and LGBT Center)


commons system

The Commons System at SMU was established in 2014 and is based off of the Oxford University Residential College System, which has been established for nearly 1,000 years.  This system of residential learning aims to build a community among students of all ages (freshman through graduate students can live in the commons) and faculty by providing a place to connect, learn, and grow.  There is a special connection between residents that cannot be found elsewhere. Imagine that each commons is like a ‘House’ in your very own Hogwarts.